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Under 11
St Margarets

Away | 02 October 2016

Match Report

Trinity FC U11's Vs St Margaret’s U11’s - 01/10/2016 2.30pm kick off.

Game Week 4 and a full quota of players to choose from and with everyone playing well and having positive attitudes from the previous wins it was difficult to pick our starting 9 as everyone deserved to be a starter this week.

Kick off to St Margaret’s, they pass it back to their midfielder, who kicks it into the penalty area for their winger but Oliver Pope is able to intercept it jumping high he heads into space and with Peter Haggerty anticipating the loose ball collects it and after a few touches plays it to Maddox Clemo who takes the ball towards their goal but is stopped by a defender who boots it forward and Luca Harris is able to get to the ball.

Quick thinking from Luca Harris spots AJ Skinner up front ready for the pass, it bounces and AJ Skinner is able to control it he takes it past the defender who sticks his leg out and just manages to stop the ball knocking it out for a corner. Oscar Andrews takes the corner and crosses it in but the keeper read it well and showed good hands and caught the ball. We started to show St Margaret’s our passing game but they were a very physical side, who were looking to lump it up to their wide men and strikers all the time, forcing us to battle out with lots of headers.
Brandon Hobbs playing in a right back role today was showing his strength and blocking all the threats that came his way with good challenges and initiating the attacks from the back.

Luca Harris with another kick finds Oscar Andrews on the edge of the box and St Margaret’s having to run on to him, Oscar Andrews gets power onto the ball takes the shot from distance but the keeper stops the power with a punch and then is able to collect it denying us the goal. Trinity start the passing game with some good build up play and getting into their rhythm it wasn’t long before we were on the attack again, a good pass out from Josh Patton at the back found Louie Procoppi in space on the left hand side, Louie Proccopi accelerates down the wing going past his marker with Peter Haggerty supporting his run. Louie Proccopi plays the ball to him with the outside of his boot, Peter Haggerty from just outside the area takes a touch and with a powerful right footed shot, the keeper at full stretch manages to tip it on to the cross bar. This should have been a corner to Trinity but the Ref gives St Margaret’s a goal kick.

St Margret’s make the most of the goal kick and boot it long to our penalty box where Josh Patton and Oliver Pope working together are able to sense the danger and clear the ball well and push the play back towards the midfield. A strong run from Peter Haggerty, he goes past the opposing midfielder with Oscar Andrews in tandem on the right Peter Haggerty plays the ball to Oscar Andrews with him taking aim the shot goes just over the bar. We were starting to look dangerous and Brandon Hobbs with some great play down the right passes to Oscar Andrews who takes the touch and hits his shot low and hard, the keeper bends to catch it but cannot hold it and the ball goes into the back of the net… GOAL !!!!! 1-0 Trinity. The deserved lead gives the boys a boost and they use their passing game once again and Peter Haggerty passes to Maddox Clemo his shot deflects off the defender and goes behind and wins us a corner. Oscar Andrews takes the corner it bounces on the edge of the box and Peter Haggerty anticipates this and flicks it up on his right foot onto his left and volleys it at goal just going wide of the post.
With 10 minutes to go for the first half St Margaret’s continued to play the long ball but with Josh Patton, Oliver Pope and Brandon Hobbs able to soak up the pressure and clear their lines we restricted their game and they were reduced to taking pot shots. and we see out the first half.

With the first half being physical and demanding we decided to make changes and bring on fresh legs, with an early corner to St Margaret’s, a good clearance from Finley Hickmott at the back he kicks it out of danger. Callum Hajjar holding the ball up well, plays it to Louie Proccopi who finds Kyle Cowell in space on the left hand side, Kyle Cowell starts to sprint towards their goal, goes past a player and hits an accurate shot that the keeper fumbles and knocks it in front of him and with Jake Roud in a predatory position side foots it in… GOAL!!!! 2-0 Trinity.

St Margaret’s with their long ball, play it out to our half and their midfielder, who starts an attack on our goal alluding our defenders, he toe punts it over Luca Harris’s head it clips the underside of the crossbar and goes in goal to St Margaret’s!!! 2- 1. Trinity with a quick response and Kyle Cowell again running down the left wing, beating a player he cuts back and slots a pass between the defenders to AJ Skinner who has timed his run well and from 6 yards out calmly hits it home….GOAL!!! 3-1 Trinity.

St Margaret’s not defeated and with their own response from the midfield go on a good run and with no fear of our defence take an unchallenged shot that goes into the top right hand corner Luca Harris trying to get a hand to it is beaten by its power ..goal to St Margaret’s 3- 2. St Margaret’s finding momentum launch another attack but some good reading from Josh Patten breaks down the play and takes the ball from defence into the midfield area where he passes the ball to Callum Hajjar on the wing, Callum Hajjjar makes a run down the right hand wing and wins a throw in in their half, the ball is worked well to Oscar Andrews as he puts a nice cross into the box for Jake Roud but on the stretch Jake Roud is unable to get it under control and St Margaret’s clear the ball from danger.

St Margaret’s attack again from the right hand side, they manage to get a cross in and Luca Harris comes out to try and catch the ball but he couldn’t get his full hands to the ball and their striker in a harassing position, noted the unlucky touch and tapped it into the back of the net…goal to St Margaret’s…3 – 3. Trinity still kept going which has been the hallmark of our play this season, the boys heads did not drop, although St Margaret’s had gained in confidence and were pressing with further attacks they were were linking up well and one player finds himself free on the edge of the box he runs towards our penalty area ready to shoot but Finley Hickmott comes in with a perfectly timed top class sliding challenge blocks the shot denying them a certain goal, the loose ball falls into the path of Peter Haggerty who kicks it out of the Trinity half. The minutes tick down with neither side able to steal that winning finishes a draw 3 – 3.

The boys were unlucky to come away with a draw, they showed some great passing again but the other teams physicality and one dimensional play made it harder work for the boys, something that they are going to have to get used to in future games this season. There are still things that the boys need to work on but they are showing great improvement with every game and this is evident in the great start that they have made this season.

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